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Monday, June 04, 2007

More Joe Morgan Idiocy

From the Red Sox-Yankees game 6/3/2007 from our resident expert, Joe Morgan:

"Guys who walk enough lot, do not end up with 3000 hits..."

(ed note: We fixed the order of the quote and so this post has been slightly edited from its original form...also, yes, Joe did say "walk enough lot" )

So we hear at Real Baseball Blog present a list of all MLB players who walk a lot and DID end up with 3000 hits

# of BB's - BB Rank

# of BB's - BB Rank

Ricky Henderson

2190 - 2nd

Hank Aaron

1402 - 23rd

Carl Yastrzemski

1845 - 6th

Tris Speaker

1381 - 27th

Stan Musial

1599 - 11th

Rafael Palmeiro

1353 - 29th

Pete Rose

1566 - 13th

Eddie Murray

1333 - 31th

Eddie Collins

1499 - 17th

Al Kaline

1277 - 39th

Willie Mays

1464 - 18th

Ty Cobb

1249 - 44th

Wade Boggs

1412 - 22nd

Dave Winfield

1216 - 47th

So there you have it folks. 2 out of the top 6 career leaders in BB's got 3000 hits. Completely contrary to what Joseph Leonard Morgan proclaimed. Also, he mentioned Babe Ruth and Ted Williams as two examples of this. Just like to point out that Babe Ruth ended his career 127 hits shy of 3000 (2873); a total he would have presumably reached had he begun being a full-time hitter earlier than his 6th year in MLB. Also, Ted Williams ended up with 2654 hits (346 short), which again he would have presumably reached had he not missed 3 complete years (1943-1945) and major parts of 1952 and 1953. So even those aren't valid examples. Also just like to point out that Bonds should reach 3000 hits next year (assuming he doesn't retire) and that would Joe as the only one of the top 5 in BB's that is nowhere near 3000 hits. Can someone please explain to Joe that just because something is true for him, it doesn't mean that it is true for everyone else...So once again, Joe, you my good sir, are completely and totally wrong.

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