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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Joe Morgan--babbling fool

Joe Morgan has a long documented history of saying things which are completely ridiculous, weird, ambiguous, and downright laughable. But how often does he say something that is completely wrong/false multiple times in a row, only to finally admit his mistake when confronted with video evidence. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Flashback to Sunday April 8, 2007 Boston vs Texas on ESPN. Bottom of the 1st, Mark Teixeira up, count 2-2, take it away Joe and Jon Miller:

Morgan - “He’s asking for a fastball away”

Joe Miller – “Strike Three called , a fastball away it was and that froze Teixeira.”

Joe Morgan – “I don’t think that was really a fastball away, I think it froze him, but I don’t think it really was away; It was supposed to be away. Let’s take a look here Jon, the pitch was supposed to be away but it wasn’t. He threw him a lot of offspeed pitches……Now this is supposed to be away, but watch.

<ed. note: Was the pitch away???? Joe sure doesn't seem to think so. Click here to find out if the pitch really was away>

<well, Joe???> Oh wait, I guess it is away. It was away on the outside corner.”

Brilliant, just brilliant. Now if only someone could fax him a copy of the Moneyball cover page to prove that Billy Beane had not part in writing it, we'd be in business.

P.S. To see his idiocy in full visual and audible detail, go here and use your MLB.TV subscription. Fast forward to about 23:35 and enjoy the magic.



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