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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Opening Day Thoughts

Opening Day has come and gone and here is a list of highlights and lowlights regarding things new and old:

  • Adam Everett should not be batting in the #2 slot for any team ever. In the history of baseball. Period.
  • Yankee Fans care about nothing more than hating AROD. AROD sprints ~ 45 feet to try and catch a pop-up in the 1st because Posada and Pavano are too lazy to move. Yet, Jeter makes an error 1 inning later, which actually leads to Runs and there's nary a peep out of the Yankee faithful.
  • The Devil Rays bullpen is just as terrible as it was last year. How did Kazmir even win 10 games last year with that monstrousicity of pathetic arms?
  • Brad Lidge has about another month or so before he's replaced as closer
  • The Angels defense is still terrible. Absolutely terrible. From Dropped pop-ups which lead to HR to Gary Matthews Jr. dropping balls of the webbing of his glove, it's just atrocious.
  • Prime example of why Losses are a terrible fantasy category to use: Bobby Crosby truly fucked over Dan Haren. Haren had 1st & 2nd, 1 out in the 6th when he got a comebacker that was a tailor made DP ball. But Crosby let it slip off his glove (not even getting one out) and the M's produced 4 UER out of it.
  • The Braves bullpen held up. Which is a complete turnaound from last year.
  • Ben Sheets is really really good (we already knew that though). We'll see how long he lasts though.
  • Carlos Zambrano (5 BB) is still wild, the Indians offense is still amazing, and Joe Torre is still trying to get at least 5 IP from the Yankees #4 and #5 starters.

P.S. If you have MLB.TV, go watch the bottom of the 6th inning in the Rockies-D'backs game. Chris (b) Young tries to catch Jeff Baker's HR, but his glove ends up falling over the fence.

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