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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Insightful commentary from Steve Lyons

Tigers-Yankees: 3rd/4th(?) inning 10/7/06. Steve Lyons gives us the following gems:

1) Talking about Derek Jeter he says that Jeter should probably be the MVP and "is having the best offensive season of his career."

1999.324 9.21 161 108.7
2006.309 7.58 138 79.2

The only category that Jeter has better numbers in during 2006 than 1999 is WARP-3 and possible Win Shares (I can't find 1999 Win Share values). Which would completely make sense since he had a worse statistical season and played in a much better offensive lineup in 2006. Maybe it is coming from the fact his defense is better in 2006 than it was in 1999?

2) The other half of this blog (Tent time) reminded me of Steve Lyons' other insightful comment. With 2 outs and Magglio Ordonez on 1st, Carlos Guillen hit a looper over Robbie Cano's head into right field. Ordonez (running on contact since there were 2 outs) made it to third easily which led Lyons to praise his baserunning ability: "..he was running as soon as it was hit, he knew it would be a hit, he didn't hesitate and that's why he made it to third base." Hey Steve, there were 2 outs at the time. That's why he didn't hestitate to see if the ball would be caught. Because if the ball was caught, then the inning was over.


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